Duy Nguyen <pclo...@gmail.com> writes:

> The basic support is there. Some bells and whistles (e.g. listing
> checkouts) are not, but we can add them when we see the needs. Eric
> and Torsten helped review but no, there hasn't much discussion about
> it, which may be because it's already perfect, or people are not
> interested.


> Unfortunately, this multiple checkout thing conflicts with how I
> use emacs (--daemon) so I'm not one of its heavy users either. I
> only occastionally make new, short-lived checkouts to test things.

FWIW, I do keep a permanent multi-checkout and I sometimes make
edits, but it is mostly for building other branches while I work on
something else.  When I edit working-tree files there, I do let
emacsclient talk to the emacs I have files open in the primary
working tree, though, so I am not sure what your issues are with
emacs (--daemon).

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