I also have this question posted to stack overflow ( 
 ), but perhaps this is a better place to ask this question.

In working on some code which provides an interface to existing git 
repositories the question I had was "what actions should I present to a user", 
which lead to the question, "what does a user need to do to generate that 
condition", which lead to developing this gist:


... which is a ruby script which tries to produce a repository with a file in 
every possible "git-status" XY condition

Of the 24 possibilities (not counting ignored) in git-status, there are 7 that 
I can't figure out how to generate.

D           M    deleted from index
C        [ MD]   copied in index
D           D    unmerged, both deleted
A           U    unmerged, added by us
U           A    unmerged, added by them

any clues, including pointers to "just go read XXX" would be appreciated.

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