Am 02.04.2014 19:32, schrieb Junio C Hamano:
René Scharfe <> writes:

  Documentation/git-rev-parse.txt | 2 +-
  1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

Thanks; I'll forge your Sign-off ;-)

Oops, sorry, and thanks.

Signed-off-by: Rene Scharfe <>

diff --git a/Documentation/git-rev-parse.txt b/Documentation/git-rev-parse.txt
index e05e6b3..377d9d7 100644
--- a/Documentation/git-rev-parse.txt
+++ b/Documentation/git-rev-parse.txt
@@ -363,7 +363,7 @@ usage: some-command [options] <args>...
      -h, --help            show the help
      --foo                 some nifty option --foo
      --bar ...             some cool option --bar with an argument
-    --bar <arg>           another cool option --baz with a named argument
+    --baz <arg>           another cool option --baz with a named argument
      --qux[=<path>]        qux may take a path argument but has meaning by 

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