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On Sat, Mar 29, 2014 at 2:53 PM, Andrew Keller <and...@kellerfarm.com> wrote:
> When formatting a diff header line, be sure to escape the raw output from git
> for use as HTML.  This ensures that when "problem characters" (&, <, >, ?, 
> etc.)
> exist in filenames, gitweb displays them as text, rather than letting the
> browser interpret them as HTML.

Actually gitweb tries to do the right thing, and in most cases it does
HTML escaping correctly. The problem is only with *binary* files (this fact
should IMHO have been mentioned in commit message).

This issue is caused by two problems / errors. First, gitweb misclassify
"Binary files a/foo and b/bar differ" as diff header, while it is untypical
but it is diff contents. Second, gitweb doesn't HTML-escape unknown
diff headers, assuming that it knows about all possible types.

I have had those changes in my git repository, but I do not know if
I have pushed it before the PC went down, and if I have it in backup.

> Reported-by: Dongsheng Song <dongsheng.s...@gmail.com>
> Signed-off-by: Andrew Keller <and...@kellerfarm.com>

Thank you for your work.

> ---
> Steps to reproduce:
> 1)  Create a repository that contains a commit that adds a file:
>     * with an ampersand in the filename
>     * with binary contents
> 2)  Make the repository visible to gitweb
> 3)  In gitweb, navigate to the page that shows the diff for the commit
>     that added the file
> Behavior without patch:

Page contains unescaped '&' instead of '&amp;'

>                                   Page stops rendering when it gets to one of
> the instances of the filename (in the diff header, to be specific), and
> a light-red box appears a the top of the page, saying something like
> this:
> This page contains the following errors:
> error on line 67 at column 22: xmlParseEntityRef: no name
> Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.
> (This particular error is what you get with an unescaped ampersand)

This is caused by the fact that some browsers use strict XML validation
mode when receiving 'application/xml+xhtml' contents, and not 'text/html'.
So one might not notice it...

> Behavior with patch: You see the ampersand in the file name, and the
> page renders as one would expect.

A question: it does not escapes HTML twice, i.e. you don't see
'&amp;' in rendered output ('&amp;amp;' in page source)?

> Other notes:
> Several helper methods exist for escaping HTML, and I was unsure
> about which one to use.  Although this patch fixes the problem,
> it is possible that it may be more correct to use, for example, the
> 'esc_html' helper method instead of interacting with $cgi directly.

It is preferred to use esc_html instead of $cgi->escapeHTML.
Even better use esc_path to escape pathnames.

> The first hunk in the diff seems to be all that's required to experience
> the good behavior, however upon inspecting the code, it seems
> prudent to also include the second one.  It's a nearby section of code,
> doing similar work, and is called from the same function as the
> former, and with similar arguments.

I wonder if it would not interfere with processing of diff contents
by gitweb, for example adding links to pre-image and post-image
version of a file.

>  gitweb/gitweb.perl |    4 ++++
>  1 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)
> diff --git a/gitweb/gitweb.perl b/gitweb/gitweb.perl
> index 79057b7..6c559f8 100755
> --- a/gitweb/gitweb.perl
> +++ b/gitweb/gitweb.perl
> @@ -2223,6 +2223,8 @@ sub format_git_diff_header_line {
>   my $diffinfo = shift;
>   my ($from, $to) = @_;
> + $line = $cgi->escapeHTML($line);
> +
>   if ($diffinfo->{'nparents'}) {
>   # combined diff
>   $line =~ s!^(diff (.*?) )"?.*$!$1!;
> @@ -2259,6 +2261,8 @@ sub format_extended_diff_header_line {
>   my $diffinfo = shift;
>   my ($from, $to) = @_;
> + $line = $cgi->escapeHTML($line);
> +
>   # match <path>
>   if ($line =~ s!^((copy|rename) from ).*$!$1! && $from->{'href'}) {
>   $line .= $cgi->a({-href=>$from->{'href'}, -class=>"path"},

I'd have to examine code flow to check where it lands...

Jakub Narębski
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