"Michael S. Tsirkin" <m...@redhat.com> writes:

> Allow extracting To/Cc addresses from cover letter.

Please say what you are doing with what you extract, which is the
more important part of the objective.  Extracting is merely a step
to achieve that.

s/.$/, to be used as To/Cc addresses of the remainder of the series./

or something.

I think this will be a very handy feature.

If you have a series *and* you bothered to add To/Cc to the cover
letter, it is likely that you want all the messages read by these
people [*1*].

> @@ -1468,6 +1475,15 @@ foreach my $t (@files) {
>       @to = (@initial_to, @to);
>       @cc = (@initial_cc, @cc);
> +     if ($message_num == 1) {
> +             if (defined $cover_cc and $cover_cc) {
> +                     @initial_cc = @cc;
> +             }
> +             if (defined $cover_to and $cover_to) {
> +                     @initial_to = @to;
> +             }
> +     }
> +

What is stored away with this code to @initial_cc/to includes:

 - what was given to @initial_cc/to before ll.1468-1469
 - what was in @cc/to before ll.1468-1469

when we see the first message [*2*].  The former come from the
command line --to/--cc, and the latter comes from the header lines
of the first message.  Am I reading the code correctly?

If that is the case, I think the updated code makes sense.



*1* Allowing this to be disabled is also a good thing this patch
    does.  A 100 patch series that does a tree-wide clean-up may
    have different set of people on To/Cc of individual patches, and
    you may want the union of them on To/Cc on the cover letter, so
    that a person may get the cover letter and a single patch that
    relates to his area of expertise without having to see the

*2* The first message may not necessarily be the cover letter.  Is
    there a reliable way to detect that?  The user may want to send
    out a series with only a few patches without any cover, and
    taking To/Cc from the [PATCH 1/3] and propagating them to the
    rest does not match what the documentation and the option name
    claim to do.
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