A quick note for the future:

Benoit Pierre wrote:

> This patch fixes the fact that hunk editing with 'commit -p -m' does not work:
> GIT_EDITOR is set to ':' to indicate to hooks that no editor will be launched,
> which result in the 'hunk edit' option not launching the editor (and selecting
> the whole hunk).

This information should have gone in the relevant patch's commit
message itself.  That way, people don't have to hunt down the relevant
mailing list thread to understand the patch.

Generally a cover letter should say as little as possible (mostly
"here is what patch you might want to look at first, and here is an
overview of why the patches are in this particular order").

Thanks for a nice fix.  Perhaps we'll see more in the future, hence
this note. :)  And if you have ideas for where an explanation of this
could go in the documentation (somewhere in
Documentation/SubmittingPatches?), that would be welcome too.

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