W dniu 2014-04-03 23:44, Junio C Hamano pisze:
René Scharfe <l....@web.de> writes:

With that approach you depend on the hunk header and apparently need
the results.  This approach feels fragile.

Would it perhaps be more robust to not base the implementation on diff
and instead to scan the raw file contents?

That is an interesting idea.

Perhaps this can be implemented as a new stage in the transformation
pipeline, I wonder?  There is currently no transformation that
modifies the blob contents being compared, but I do not think there
is anything fundamental that prevents one from being written.  The
new "limit to this function body" transformation would perhaps sit
before the diffcore-rename and would transform all the blobs to
empty, except for the part that is the body of the function the user
is interested in.

Well, there is 'texconv', e.g.

  *.jpg diff=jpg

  [diff "jpg"]
         textconv = exif

Doesn't it fit in said place in the transformation pipeline?

Jakub Narębski

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