Good day,

I'm not sure if it a real bug or just a functionality fix but this is my issue.

What I wanted to do : 
Stash non committed change, but forgot to close a file that had uncommitted 
change and was write lock.

What I did : 
Git stash

What happen
Git stash created the stash and try to remove the uncommitted change but fail 
on the lock file, leaving the work directory with a stash than can't be pop 
without manually resetting the lock file.

What I expected to see :
Git stash fail and revert to the work directory before the command.

How the last two are different: 
End user get error, close the application and restart 
End user get error, close the application, reset the work directory, fear he 
may have lost the change he was doing, pop the stash, revise everything is 
good, than restart doing whatever git task he was trying to do.

Thank you

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