Package: git-1.9.0

  Another make command is used in the Makefile when it enters subdir

  The used "make" command is a link in my home directory to
"/usr/sfw/bin/gmake".  Other make commands are "/usr/ccs/bin/make" and

My PATH variable has these directories in this order

$HOME, /usr/sfw/bin, /usr/xpg4/bin and /usr/ccs/bin

  The used variables for make are


  Last part of compilation:

    * new script parameters
    GEN git-am
    GEN git-bisect
    GEN git-difftool--helper
    GEN git-filter-branch
    GEN git-merge-octopus
    GEN git-merge-one-file
    GEN git-merge-resolve
    GEN git-mergetool
    GEN git-pull
    GEN git-quiltimport
    GEN git-rebase
    GEN git-request-pull
    GEN git-stash
    GEN git-submodule
    GEN git-web--browse
    GEN perl/PM.stamp
    SUBDIR perl
make: Warning: Ignoring DistributedMake -o option
Usage : make [ -f makefile ][ -K statefile ]... [ -d ][ -dd ][ -D ][ -DD ]
             [ -e ][ -i ][ -k ][ -n ][ -p ][ -P ][ -q ][ -r ][ -s ][ -S ][ -t ]
             [ -u ][ -w ][ -V ][ target... ][ macro=value... ][ "macro 
+=value"... ]
make: Fatal error: Unknown option `-C'
make: *** [perl/perl.mak] Error 1

  The error comes from "/usr/ccs/bin/make" or "/usr/xpg4/bin/make".
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