Am 06.04.2014 23:18, schrieb Michal Sojka:
> On Sun, Apr 06 2014, Jens Lehmann wrote:
>> Am 02.04.2014 23:52, schrieb Michal Sojka:
>>> Hello,
>>> I needed to convert a subdirectory of a repo to a submodule and have the
>>> histories of both repos linked together. I found that this was discussed
>>> few years back [1], but the code seemed quite complicated and was not
>>> merged.
>>> [1]: 
>>> Now, the situation is better, because git subtree can already do most of
>>> the work. Below is a script that I used to split a submodule from my
>>> repo. It basically consist of a call to 'git subtree split' followed by
>>> 'git filter-branch' to link the histories together.
>>> I'd like to get some initial feedback on it before attempting to
>>> integrate it with git sources (i.e. writing tests and doc). What do you
>>> think?
>> Why do want to rewrite the whole history of the superproject,
>> wouldn't it suffice to turn a directory into a submodule with
>> the same content in a simple commit? 
> I wanted to publish a project including its history but a part of that
> project could not be made public due to legal reasons. Putting that part
> into submodule seemed like best idea.

Yep, that makes lots of sense.

I'm not sure yet if this functionality is needed often enough to
put the script under contrib, but I won't object as long as you'd
be willing to maintain it (and help people on this list when they
report any issues).
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