On 04/07/2014 09:42 PM, Ramsay Jones wrote:
On 07/04/14 19:35, Johannes Sixt wrote:
Am 05.04.2014 11:19, schrieb Johannes Sixt:
Am 04.04.2014 22:58, schrieb Junio C Hamano:
* sz/mingw-index-pack-threaded (2014-03-19) 1 commit
  - Enable index-pack threading in msysgit.

  What is the status of this topic?  A failure report exists
  ($gmane/245170), and I am aware of Duy's $gmane/245034 but that was
  where the discussion stalled.  Is everybody waiting for everybody
  else to get the discussion unstuck?
I still have to cross-check Duy's patch. I'll hopefully get to it in the
next days and report back.
The test suite passes with Duy's patch ($gmane/245034), but t5302 fails
with this patch with a MinGW build. The patches touch the Cygwin
configuration, but I cannot test a Cygwin build.
I haven't tested these on cygwin yet. However, only the old version of
cygwin is affected (newer cygwin has a thread-safe pread) and, since I
no longer have an old installation, I _can't_ test it anyway. :(
(I updated cygwin earlier today and received a brand new cygwin dll
with today's date!).

I have, however, lost track of what the objective of these patches is.
Is the threaded version significantly faster, and these patches are
worth it?
Indeed. I haven't seen any numbers.

Ramsay Jones

I managed to test under cygwin 1.7, commit 03d9d2990b718ef6d859405af399f549c186b4d:
Test was OK.

MINWW: t5302 failed (same what Johannas reported)
 After reverting 9d66f2d97a97e08ae8d7c86 t5302 passed under MINGW


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