Recently, somebody approached Software Freedom Conservancy,
wishing to obtain our blessing for using the Git logo on some
trinket they are planning to make.  We joined Conservancy
earlier, primarily so that we have a legal entity that can
receive and pool the GSoC mentor stipend, and because we are now
one of Conservancy's projects, it was understandable that they
were approached for this request.

However, while we've been using the logo created by Jason Long
as our de facto logo (and as the de facto Git home
page), we've yet to formally adopt Jason's logo (or any logo) as
an "official" Git logo [*1*].

So, to clarify things -- and to make it easier to respond to
requests re: our logo in the future, we (myself, Peff and Shawn,
the troika who represent the Git community to Conservancy)
propose the following to the community members:

 - To officially adopt " <>" (and
   " <>") as our "project home
   page"; and

 - To officially adopt the logo that appears on the "project
   home page" as our "project logo".

We hope that neither is controversial, as these have long been
used to represent our project without any formal declaration of
them being official, and this proposal is to ask the community
members to acknowledge the status quo ex post facto [*2*].



*1* We already got an OK from Jason for use of the logo as an
official project logo.

*2* This doesn't imply any change in how things are run
day-to-day.  The source changes are discussed on this list, and
updated codebase will be pushed to the usual repositories
including git://  Scott
Chacon will continue to maintain the site, as he
always has done, and if you have suggestions or fixes for the
site, you can send pull requests.
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