As I do not want to send the full "what's cooking" report back to
back, here is just a highlight of updates.

A handful of topics are now in 'master', including:

 - Fix for mis-used "nor", by Justin Lebar.

 - MSVC port fixes, by Marat Radchenko.

 - Portability fixes for gmtime sanity checking, by Peff.

Also a few topics are now in 'next', expected to be kept there for
the rest of this cycle, including:

 - Compute the patch-id in a way that is stable with use of "git
   diff -O<order>", which is unfortunately backward incompatible, by
   Michael S. Tsirkin.

 - Update the internal of "diff-tree" so that it can be used to
   compare N trees (not just 2), and use it to optimize "diff
   -c/--cc", by Kirill Smelkov.

I am also hoping that a few other topics can join 'next' to be
cooked for the rest of this cycle, including:

 - "Ref-transaction" series by Michael.

 - "Interpret-Trailers" series by Christian.


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