Ronnie Sahlberg <> writes:

> List,
> This is a trivial patch that removes the function close_ref() from refs.c.
> This function was only called from two codepaths and can be removed since 
> both codepaths shortly afterwards
> both call unlock_ref() which implicitely closes the file anyway.
> By removing this function we simplify the api to refs slightly.
> This also means that the lifetime of the filedescriptor becomes the same as 
> the lifetime for the 'struct ref_lock' object.
> The filedescriptor is opened at the same time ref_lock is allocated and the 
> descriptor is closed when ref_lock is released.
> regards
> ronnie sahlberg

Thanks.  A few tips:

 - wrap your lines at around 72 columns.

 - "git format-patch --cover-letter" will give you a skeletal
   message with "Subject: [PATCH 0/n]" with list of individual
   patches and diffstat to show the overall damage, with two
   placeholders "*** SUBJECT HERE ***" and "*** BLURB HERE ***"
   for you to fill in the remainder.

 - For a short/single patch, you do not have to add a cover letter
   (it is not a crime to add one, though).

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