Jonathan Nieder <> writes:

> Torsten Bögershausen wrote:
>> Unicode 6.3 defines the following code as combining or accents,
>> git_wcwidth() should return 0.
>> Earlier unicode standards had defined these code point as "reserved":
> Thanks for the update.  Could the commit message also explain how this
> was noticed and what the user-visible effect is?
> For example:
>  "Unicode just announced that <...>.  That means we should mark the
>   relevant code points as combining characters so git knows they are
>   zero-width and doesn't screw up the alignment when presenting branch
>   names in columns with 'git branch --column'"
> or something like that.

Perhaps (the original read clearly enough for me, though).

> [...]
> I'm not sure this list is needed --- the code + the reference to the
> Unicode 6.3 standard seems like enough (but if you think otherwise,
> I don't really mind).

I can go either way.

>> This commit touches only the range 300-6FF, there may be more to be updated.
> The "there may be more" here sounds ominous.

Indeed it does ;-)

> Does that mean Unicode
> 6.3 also added some zero-width characters in other ranges that should
> be dealt with in the future?  How many such ranges?  How do we know
> when we're done?
> Just biting off the most important characters first and putting off
> the rest for later sounds fine to me --- my complaint is that the
> above comment doesn't make clear what the to-do list is for finishing
> the update later.

I'll queue this at the tip of 'pu', not to forget about it while
waiting for a clarification.

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