On Thu, Apr 10, 2014 at 2:38 AM, Diego Lago
<diego.lago.gonza...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Commit attributes are custom commit extra headers the user can
> add to the commit object.
> The motivation for this patch is that in my company we have a custom
> continuous integration software that uses a custom formatted commit
> message (currently in YALM format) to show several information into
> our CI server front-end.
> But this YALM-based commit message pollutes the commit object not being
> human readable, so a good form of achieve the YALM's behaviour (without
> using YALM nor any other structured language) is to add custom attributes
> to the commit object itself.
> For example, in our CI server we show the risk of the change (that can
> be low, medium or high); we, as said before, add this information by putting
> YALM code inside the commit message, but the problem is that this message
> is not human readable.

If the problem is polluting human eyes, wouldn't it be better to make
git-log to filter it out? For example, we could tell git that all
fields (in the message body) that start with X- are "rubbish", so
instead of showing "X-something: base64 stuff...", it shows
"X-something: <filtered out>" instead? At least people will see that
this commit carries human-unreadable stuff.
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