A handful of minimum tweaks [*1*] here and there were necessary in
order to queue the series on 'pu', but to me, the feature looked
like quite a straight-forward addition.

I'd be dropping the jk/branch-at-publish-rebased from 'pu', at least
tentatively, as that one was primarily Peff giving Ram a base to
build on top to achieve essentially the same thing as this series
does.  I didn't bother to check if this series could have reused
some from that series (primarily because I was short of time, had to
take the work laptop to service, etc. etc.) before doing so.

I didn't think too deeply about the workflow ramifications of this
series brings in, either---that is left for the reviewers Cc'ed on
the patches.


*1* Things like these:

 - the context in builtin/push.c has already changed at the tip of
   'master' (we already pretend to be Git 2.0) and the patch text
   needed to be adjusted.

 - an instance of cast to "(char*)" fixed to "(char *)". 

 - t/t5529 is already used by other topics, renaming the new test to

 - !prefixcmp() is already removed for Git 2.0, replacing its use
   with starts_with().

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