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> Am 11.04.2014 13:08, schrieb Michael Haggerty:
>> On 04/09/2014 10:50 PM, Mahmoud Asshole wrote:
>>> [...]
>> Please conduct your discussions here in a civil tone.  It is both more
>> pleasant for all involved and also more likely to elicit a response.  I
>> hardly think that the "waste" of 12 bytes in every commit is an act of
>> stupidity so inexcusable that it would deserve your bile, even *if* one
>> were to agree that this information is useless (which I personally don't
>> think).
> I would guess he is more concerned about the unnecessary disclosure of 
> information that could be used to track or (together with other data) 
> identify you.

Perhaps, though I fully agree with Michael that calling people "assholes" 
because their opinion differs from yours is not increasing the chances that 
anybody will listen to you, or bother to try and understand your problem.

> Since the reasons to include it seem to be specifically to know more about 
> the comitter this seems to me the typical conflict between privacy and 
> security.

More between "privacy" (or perhaps "personal safety"? think: dissident coder?)  
vs. "feature that is useful to some people".

If one is truly concerned about spilling timezone information, how about this:

  alias git='TZ=0 git'

Seems to work for me, at least in bash.


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