Felipe Contreras <felipe.contre...@gmail.com> writes:

> * Override other configurations (such as push.default)

I think I convinced myself that this is the right way to go since my
last message. After all, "push.default" is, by definition, just a

> --- a/Documentation/config.txt
> +++ b/Documentation/config.txt
> @@ -764,6 +764,13 @@ branch.<name>.mergeoptions::
>       option values containing whitespace characters are currently not
>       supported.
> +branch.<name>.push::
> +     Defines, together with branch.<name>.pushremote, the publish branch for
> +     the given branch. It tells 'git push' which branch to push to, and
> +     overrides any other configurations, such as push.default. It also tells
> +     commands such as 'git status' and 'git branch' which remote branch to
> +     use for tracking information (commits ahead and behind).
> +


I think this text should mention the @{publish} shorthand too. Stg like
"This branch can be refered to as @{publish} when specifying revision
(see linkgit:gitrevisions[7])."

Matthieu Moy
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