Felipe Contreras <felipe.contre...@gmail.com> writes:

> One of the most serious recurring issues[1][2][3] with remote helpers is that
> marks get out of sync. The way to analize and reproduce these wasn't trivial,
> but the culprit seems to be a crash while doing `git push`. It has been known
> already how exactly that happens, but no simple way how to fix it.
> This is the simplest way so far; tell `git fast-export` to export the marks to
> a temporary file, and move it to the right location only *after* the remote
> helper has finished its job without errors.
> Since the code wasn't prepared for a change like this, some reorganization
> changes are needed. More changes might be welcome to further propagate the
> errors properly through the code, but for the moment the errors are propagated
> to the right location, in order to fix this specific problem.

This seems to be based on a somewhat older codebase; I tried to be
careful while adjusting the patch to the current codebase, but
please give it an eyeball to see if I didn't make any silly mistake
in the version that has been parked on 'pu'.

After an positive Ack (or "you botched the forward-porting; here is
a rebased one you should replace them with"), I'd like to merge it
to 'next' and then to 'master' by -rc0 (or -rc1 at the latest) so
that we have enough time to expose the updated code before 2.0.

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