Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

> ...  I am looking at this
> more from the angle of obtaining a useful building block, while you
> seem to be thinking of this as a specialized tool for a narrow set
> of specifkc tasks.

By the way, I am speaking with a bitter experience of designing the
original "format-patch" command line parameters, thinking that "This
is a specialized tool to let me send what Linus hasn't picked up
yet, so the command should take where Linus is and where I am".

Not using the A..B syntax turned out to be a poor choice but that
realization came long after the ship sailed---back then, A..B syntax
was relatively new and it was unclear that it would become the
universal syntax we use throughout the system to denote a range of
commits in the DAG.

The design mistake for starting at a specialized tool for a narrow
set of specific tasks took considerable effort to retrofit the
general syntax while not breaking the traditional usage.  I am being
cautious here because I do not see us making the same mistake.

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