Am 17.04.2014 10:02, schrieb Gerhard Gappmeier:
> Hi all
> in our cross-platform projects we always have a certain Windows-only 
> submodule, which contains all the compatibility stuff and missing libraries 
> for 
> Windows.
> When cloning such a repository on a Linux machine the typical procedure is:
> git clone git@server:project.git
> cd project
> git submodule init
> git submodule deinit path/to/windows-stuff
> git submodule update
> This way you avoid wasting time and disk space to clone stuff that you don't 
> need on Linux (or on whatever non-windows machine your are actually working).
> It would be really cool to add a kind of platform specific submodule 
> blacklist,
> either in .gitconfig or maybe even better in .gitattributes so that we can 
> add 
> this configuration to the repository.
> Example .gitattributes how this could look like:
>   # common stuff
>   *.sh eol=lf
>   *.conf eol=lf
>   # submodule config
>   [src/windows-compat]
>   platforms = win32
> By default the platforms could have the value "all". But one can change it to 
> a list of platform names e.g. "platforms = linux, macosx" or "win32" like in 
> the example above.
> Such a feature would also make it possible to simply use "git clone --
> recursive git@server:project.git" avoiding the single stops as shown above.
> What do your think? Is something like this possible?
> Or is it even possible already somehow?
> Today I'm using a shell script to automate this steps, but this is just a 
> workaround. It would be cool if git itself could do this for us.

What about setting "submodule.<name>.update" to "none" in the config of
your non-Windows machines? Then they would be initialized (= the URL
setting gets copied to .git/config) but never checked out.
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