Andreas Schwab <> writes:

> Junio C Hamano <> writes:
> ...
>> When your project does not mind basing the description on rc tags,
>> between v3.4-rc1~192^2~9^2 and v3.5-rc1~120^3~76^2, I am not sure if
>> we would want to say that "the former is not so longer than the
>> latter, so use that", or what kind of heuristics to employ to reach
>> that conclusion.  Date-based selection (i.e. earliest first) is one
>> possibility.  Tagname-based selection has the issue of having to
>> configure "whose version numbering convention would you use when
>> sorting tags, and how you would tell Git that sorting order rule?"
> IMHO git should select based on topology: the first tag that isn't
> contained in any other tag still containing the commit in question, only
> when ambigous it needs to fall back to other criteria.

I think we are in agreement.  In the part you chopped from your
quote, I said:

>> For a possible cleaner alternative semantics, see the other message
>> I just sent to the thread.

didn't I?
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