Johan Herland <> writes:

> On Fri, Apr 18, 2014 at 9:37 PM, Junio C Hamano <> wrote:
>> An early preview release Git v2.0.0-rc0 is now available for
>> testing at the usual places.
> This is supposed to have _all_ the v2.0 topics, correct?
> I'm unable to find the commit that actually _changes_ the default
> prefix for "git svn" (as announced in Documentation/git-svn.txt and
> the release notes for v1.8.5 and v1.9.0).

Yes, I noticed that the topic has been in the release notes for a
few cycles but the changes never came to my tree (perhaps review of
the patch series never concluded?) at the beginning of this cycle,
so dropped it from the release notes.

> For reference, it was posted as patch 3/3 back in October:
> Very sorry for not discovering this earlier.

Well, things happen X-<.

I see the other two contained in the merge from Eric at 1668b7d78f81
(Merge git://, 2013-10-16).  Is the last one
still viable?  From my point of view, it would be best if Eric can
take another look on it and throw me a pull request (and I have to
remember to resurrect the entry in the release notes).

Alternatively I could revert the "Warn about changing the default"
for now and defer the topic to v2.1.

Eric, what do you think?  My preference is not to revert but at the
same time I am hesitant to take a patch that was posted as RFC this
late in the cycle without input from the area expert, so...
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