Johan Herland <> wrote:
> --- a/Documentation/git-svn.txt
> +++ b/Documentation/git-svn.txt
> @@ -86,14 +86,7 @@ COMMANDS
>       (refs/remotes/$remote/*). Setting a prefix is also useful
>       if you wish to track multiple projects that share a common
>       repository.
> -+
> -NOTE: In Git v2.0, the default prefix will CHANGE from "" (no prefix)
> -to "origin/". This is done to put SVN-tracking refs at
> -"refs/remotes/origin/*" instead of "refs/remotes/*", and make them
> -more compatible with how Git's own remote-tracking refs are organized
> -(i.e. refs/remotes/$remote/*). You can enjoy the same benefits today,
> -by using the --prefix option.
> -
> +     By default, the prefix is set to 'origin/'.

We should maintain a description of <=1.9 behavior in the manpage.
Users on long-term-support systems are likely to continue using ancient
git installations for some time (5-10 years, even?), but may come across
the current documentation online.

Otherwise the patch looks fine and I can push it up for Junio for
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