On Sat, Apr 19, 2014 at 11:03:07AM +0000, Schittli Thomas wrote:
> last night, brian m. Carlson explained, that "Git wants a key that can
> be used by GnuPG" and therefore X.509 certificates are not supported.
> As you probably know, since 3 years gpg supports X.509 -
> unfortunately, gpg does not automatically detect X.509 certificates
> and we have to use gpgsm instead of gpg.
> The good thing: for identical functions, the command line arguments are 
> identical :-)
> Therefore: please allow to configure git, so that it can use gpg or gpgsm.
> Or even better: if gpg fails, then please automatically try gpgsm :-)

Have you tried `git config gpg.program gpgsm`?
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