On Sun, Apr 20, 2014 at 02:09:49AM +0400, Max L wrote:

> One more note: at this moment the problem is slightly deeper. This
> array is next passed to the execvp function, which now falls with
> EFAULT on two my machines (both faced this problem after upgrading to
> ubuntu 14.04, everything 'worked' fine before, looks like now execvp
> checks input more strictly). This leads to non-working 'git difftool'.

Interesting. We're overwriting whatever is after spawn_arg on the stack,
so I'd expect the fork/exec to work, but the function to complain while
popping the stack frame (though I couldn't get it to do so). I wonder if
some kind of stack protection is kicking in, and the NULL doesn't get
written or something. Either way, we should definitely address it.

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