> Same as me. And which version of git-remote-hg are you using?

I'm using the version that ships with git 1.9.2

I've taken a look and it seems I made a mistake, sorry. It seems that

quiet = True

is being respected when placed in ``.git/hg/origin/clone/.hg/hgrc``

with the un patched version of git-remote-hg.

But it is still the case that authentication details are being ignored
when present in  ``.git/hg/origin/clone/.hg/hgrc``

i.e. something like the following is ignored.

cc.prefix = hg.codeplex.com
cc.username = USERNAME
# Eurgh fixme this shouldn't live here.
cc.password = PWD
cc.schemes = https

and pushing fails. An easy way of duplicating this is forking a
project on codeplex (e.g. [1]), cloning that respository, making a
trivial commit and then trying to push that commit to your fork.

When I try this pushing fails because the authentication details are
being ignored in  ``.git/hg/origin/clone/.hg/hgrc``. Applying my patch
(or your improved version using repo.ui instead of
repo._unfilteredrepo.ui) fixes this for me.

[1] https://boogie.codeplex.com/SourceControl/latest
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