Felipe Contreras <felipe.contre...@gmail.com> writes:

>> This step needs a bit more work, I am afraid, to at least have these
>> three test scripts follow the same numbering scheme.  Especially given
>> that there were recent discussions on allowing a range of tests to
>> be run (or omitted) via notations like "5000,5020,9800-9812", not
>> doing so now will make it harder to implement such an enhancement.
> I don't see how such an enhancement would be beneficial to these remote
> helpers.

Why are remote helpers more special than other parts of the system?
Do they _have to_ be different and special?

> For starters there aren't any number rages left for them,...

Wouldn't "5 - the pull and exporting" be an obvious space for them,
especiall somewhere after 5800?

> There might be other practical reasons to use this numbering scheme (although
> I'm sure the scripts could be fixed to not assume those),...

;-)  Yes, as long as you can program it, anything is possible.

>> Can we squelch these expected import error messages?
> Sure:

Then I'd expect a reroll, at least to 2/2 (I do not think I saw
anything iffy in 1/2).

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