Michael Haggerty <mhag...@alum.mit.edu> writes:

> On 04/17/2014 09:46 PM, Ronnie Sahlberg wrote:
>> Switch to using ref transactions in walker_fetch(). As part of the 
>> refactoring
>> to use ref transactions we also fix a potential memory leak where in the
>> original code if write_ref_sha1() would fail we would end up returning from
>> the function without free()ing the msg string.
> ...
> Aside from my other comments, patches 01-10 in the series looked fine.
> Thanks!

Thanks, both.

When this is queued on 'pu', it appears that t5550 breaks.  I had to
futz with conflicts with the lockfile topic, so a botched conflict
resolution might be a cause for the breakage, though.

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