On Mon, Apr 21, 2014 at 09:24:33PM +0200, Sebastian Schuberth wrote:
> BTW, in my experience people tend to stick to predefined aliases instead of
> redefining them to something (completely) different. This means that having
> default aliases will very likely enable one to use the same short commands
> on one's colleague's PC (instead of you running into issues because the same
> alias was defined to a different command).
> If we don't standardize this now people will come up with their own
> definitions [1] [2] (and many others if you just search GitHub) which are
> again likely to differ (slightly), hindering interoperability.

Unfortunately, that's already happened.  Some people alias ci to commit,
and some people alias it to commit -a.  There is literally no choice you
can make there that will make everyone happy.

If you provide default aliases, people will expect them to work
everywhere, and then be confused when they don't.  It's much better to
let people alias what they want on their own.  I understand the
frustration of having to work on others' machines when they don't have
your aliases, because every time I type "git pff"[0] and it fails, it
drives me crazy, but there's just no sane defaults.

[0] Aliased to git pull --ff-only.  I probably run this at least twenty
times a day.
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