It looks like the documentation for bitmaps is being included in the
1.9.2 release of Git for Windows but the functionality itself is not
present. For example, doc\git\html\git-config.html includes settings
like these:


When true, git will use pack bitmaps (if available) when packing to
stdout (e.g., during the server side of a fetch). Defaults to true.
You should not generally need to turn this off unless you are
debugging pack bitmaps.


When true, git will write a bitmap index when packing all objects to
disk (e.g., when git repack -a is run). This index can speed up the
"counting objects" phase of subsequent packs created for clones and
fetches, at the cost of some disk space and extra time spent on the
initial repack. Defaults to false.

Repacking repositories with pack.writebitmaps set to true doesn't
write a bitmap, suggesting the functionality is not actually present.

This does not appear to be an issue with "normal" git, per the
documentation for git config at

Bryan Turner
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