Jakob Stoklund Olesen <stokl...@2pi.dk> wrote:
> Subversion can put mergeinfo on any sub-directory to track cherry-picks.
> Since cherry-picks are not represented explicitly in git, git-svn should
> just ignore it.

Hi, was git-svn trying to track cherry-picks as merge before?

This changes behavior a bit, so two independent users of git-svn
may not have identical histories as a result, correct?

Can you add a test to ensure this behavior is preserved?

Sorry, I've never looked at mergeinfo myself, mainly relying on
Sam + tests for this.

[1] - Historically, git-svn (using defaults) has always tried to
      preserve identical histories for independent users across
      different git-svn versions.  However, mergeinfo may be
      enough of a corner-case where we can make an exception.
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