On Wed, Apr 23, 2014 at 02:59:26PM -0500, Robert Dailey wrote:

> I referred back to the documentation for --decorate:
> --decorate[=short|full|no]
> Print out the ref names of any commits that are shown. If short is
> specified, the ref name prefixesrefs/heads/, refs/tags/ and
> refs/remotes/ will not be printed. If full is specified, the full ref
> name (including prefix) will be printed. The default option is short.
> since default is short, and its documented to exclude tag names, I
> would expect them to not be there. I also tried removing it to test
> but i saw no difference; tag names are still visible.

Are you reading that as "if short is specified, then refs whose names
are prefixed with refs/heads, refs/tags, etc will be omitted entirely
from decoration"?

The intent is "if short is specified, then a ref whose names has the
prefix of refs/heads, refs/tags, etc, will have that prefix removed when
showing it".

IOW, the options are:

  $ git log -1 --no-decorate | head -1
  commit 0bc85abb7aa9b24b093253018801a0fb43d01122

  $ git log -1 --decorate=short | head -1
  commit 0bc85abb7aa9b24b093253018801a0fb43d01122 (HEAD, tag: v1.9.2, 

  $ git log -1 --decorate=full | head -1
  commit 0bc85abb7aa9b24b093253018801a0fb43d01122 (HEAD, tag: refs/tags/v1.9.2, 

If that's the confusion, feel free to suggest better wording for the

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