On Thu, 24 Apr 2014, Jeff King wrote:

Thanks, that's very helpful. I wasn't able to reproduce your problem locally, but I suspect the curl patch below may fix it:


Daniel, I think the similar fix to curl_multi_cleanup in commit a900d45 missed this code path, and we need something like the above patch. I know you were trying to keep the SIGPIPE mess at the entrance-points to the library, and this works against that. But we need a SessionHandle to pass to sigpipe_ignore to look at its "no_signal" flag, and of course in the case of multi we may have several such handles. If there's a similar flag we can check on the multi handle, we could just cover all of curl_multi_cleanup with a single ignore/reset pair.

Thanks a lot for this! I've taken this issue over to the libcurl mailing list and we'll work out the best way to address it over there... At least we know the patch works as intended.


 / daniel.haxx.se
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