* G?bor Szeder <sze...@ira.uka.de> [2014-04-24 23:10:10 +0430]:

> > I'd like to see this patch eyeballed by those who have been involved 
> > in the script (shortlog and blame tells me they are SZEDER and 
> > Simon, CC'ed), so that we can hopefully merge it by the time -rc1 is 
> > tagged.
> I think this is a sensible thing to do.  However, for now I can only check 
> the patch on my phone, hence I can't say any more (e.g. acked or reviewed by) 
> than that, unfortunately.

Ditto for me, though I've gone so far as to try it (it works for me). At the 
time I wrote the patch I honestly forgot to think about the security 
implications and from the description, this is closing a hole. There are 
situations where you're not in control of a branch name (though tbh, I think 
you'd have to be in an automated situation to check out a branch that is 
basically a command to hack your system, a human would probably figure it too 
cumbersome, or too fishy)

> > > + # not needed anymore; keep user's 
> > > + # environment clean 
> > > + unset __git_ps1_upstream_name 
> > > + fi
> We already have a lot of stuff in the user's environment beginning with 
> __git, so I don't think the unset is necessary.

If people rely on the string being set in their scripts, it can be bad to 
remove it. But if it's new in this patch, I don't see the need to keep it. 
Cruft is bad IMO.


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