I want to extend the functionality of git due to the possibility of separation 
of the user repository into 2 parts - one part will be stored as usual, under 
version control git, and the second part will be stored in another location 
such as an FTP-server.

This will be done in order to be able to separate the user repository binary 
data from the source code and binary data can stored separately.

For example, now on github prohibited to upload files larger than 100 MB, but 
some large files still would like to keep under version control.

And it will be possible to make due to the proposed division of the repository. 
It is assumed that this functionality will be developed for the most part 
separately from the program git, using a mechanism git hook. But in the current 
program git not enough hooks to implement this functionality. For example, it 
would be nice to have existed on the hook command git status, so that the 
output of this command can be supplemented by a list of binaries that are not 
under version control in main repository, but are under version control, for 
example in FTP server.

As a community Git consider the idea of a extend mechanism the functionality 
git hook?

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