On Thu, Apr 24, 2014 at 07:17:36PM +0200, Ivo Bellin Salarin wrote:
> To shortly resume it, the problem is that:
> * when the authentication method (WWW-Authenticate) is Negotiate AND
> * when the server proposes a NTLMSSP_CHALLENGE in response of the
> => libcurl yields an "Authentication problem. Ignoring this.\n"
> And the communication is closed.
> At this point, in a normal communication, the client should send a
> NTLMSSP_AUTH containing a Kerberos ticket.
> Having seen the libcurl source code, I think we're passing through the
> lines  from 776 to 780 of
> [http.c](https://github.com/bagder/curl/blob/2e57c7e0fcfb9214b2a9dfa8b3da258ded013b8a/lib/http.c).
> Some guy, on the github issue page, has suggested that this could be
> related to an update of libcurl, when git was at its 1.8.2 version.
> I'm not debugging libcurl, and I can't reproduce this problem @home.
> So, has somebody already experienced the same problem? Is there a
> solution?

I'm personally using Git with GSS-Negotiate (and MIT Kerberos 5) and it
does seem to work correctly for me.  For large pushes, your server (and
any intermediate proxies) will need to support 100 Continue properly, as
there's simply no other way to make it work.

What version of curl are you using (and what distro if you didn't
compile it yourself)?  Also, can you post output of an attempt to push

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