Philip Oakley wrote:
> From: "Felipe Contreras" <>
> > are the bedstone of science.  You can make sensible decisions based on that
> > alone, and in fact that's how most good decisions are made.
> At the moment we are missing the repeatable measurements,

Sure, that's part of science, but my point is that most decisions can be made
without those, simply on logic and evidence. If you really want to be certain
we can wait, but you know where my money is.

> I suspect your solution may become the lead candidate for @{p}, but as they
> say, "making predictions is hard, especially about the future".

Making predictions is not hard, it's making predictions that turn out to be
true :) And personally I don't find it that hard; you have to pick your battles
though, and this is an easy one.

Felipe Contreras
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