Jeff King <> wrote:
>I think the problem is that
>contrib/subtree does not really have an active dedicated area

Yeah, I can see how that might become a bit of a problem. I was
actually thinking of doing a bit of work on subtree beyond this
specific patch, so hopefully that won't be a show-stopper. We'll
see what happens, I guess.

>Your changes look fine to me from a cursory examination. It would
>probably be more readable as four patches (the 3 "fix" points from your
>list, plus the "minor fixes" mentioned at the end). Then each patch
>stands on its own, can say what problem it's fixing, and how.
> (...)
>Do we even make [subproject and mainline] anymore? It looks like they are part
>of the tests, but the whole test script runs inside its own trash

subproject and mainline are actually made in  contrib/subtree,
but I'll look at perhaps "fixing" that when I split the proposal
into a series as you suggest.

Thanks for the advice!

James Denholm.
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