Most manuals on git state that it is bad practice to push -f a branch after have meddled with its history, because this would risk to upset the repositories of the coworkers. On the other hand, some workflows use branches to propose modifications, and need some rewritting of the history after some review steps. In this case, the branch should only be seen as a mere pile of patches. Having this two-sided discourse is often misunderstood by casual git users.

The proposed solution would be to be able to flag the branches with a special tag "not fitted for branching" that a collaborator could use when pushing it. This tag would be passed on to any pulled remote. When another collaborator would then issue a "git checkout -b", the command would fail with a warning message, unless forced with '-f'.

Is this feature already present? If not, would it be of any interest?

Best regards,

Jean-Noël AVILA
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