Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

> "brian m. carlson" <sand...@crustytoothpaste.net> writes:
>>>  CCS=`echo -e "$CMT_MSG\n$HEADERS" | sed -n -e 's/^Cc: \(.*\)$/\1,/gp' \
>>>     -e 's/^Signed-off-by: \(.*\)/\1,/gp'`
>> It looks like you may have missed a usage here due to the line break.
> Good eyes ;-)
> The following may be an obvious replacement patch, but alternatively
> we could just drop the whole thing (contrib/ material is not
> something we would need to police strictly for the style---nobody
> should be mimicking their styles as they are not part of _our_
> codebase in the first place).

My vote goes for keeping the patch as it is, so that future people
grepping for `...` construct do not find any after the series is

(and because it's simple to do)

Matthieu Moy
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