On Tue, Apr 29, 2014 at 2:56 PM, Chris Packham <judge.pack...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Pat,
> I'm running git 2.0.0-rc0 (haven't got round to pulling down rc1 yet)
> which includes gitgui-0.19.0 and I'm getting a new error when I run
> 'git gui' in a repository with a .git file (created by git submodule).
> I can send you a screencap of the error message off list if you want
> but the text is
> "No working directory ../../../<repo>
> couldn't change working directory to ../../../<repo>: no such file or 
> directory"

My tcl is a little rusty but I think the problem might be this snippet.

# v1.7.0 introduced --show-toplevel to return the canonical work-tree
if {[package vsatisfies $_git_version 1.7.0]} {
    if { [is_Cygwin] } {
        catch {set _gitworktree [exec cygpath --windows [git rev-parse
    } else {
        set _gitworktree [git rev-parse --show-toplevel]
} else {
    # try to set work tree from environment, core.worktree or use
    # cdup to obtain a relative path to the top of the worktree. If
    # run from the top, the ./ prefix ensures normalize expands pwd.
    if {[catch { set _gitworktree $env(GIT_WORK_TREE) }]} {
        set _gitworktree [get_config core.worktree]
        if {$_gitworktree eq ""} {
            set _gitworktree [file normalize ./[git rev-parse --show-cdup]]

The  vsatisfies call probably doesn't handle '2.0.0.rc0' and the
fallback behaviour probably needs to normalise core.worktree

> Here's some other info that might help
>   $ git --version
>   git version 2.0.0.rc0
>   $ cat .git
>   gitdir: ../.git/modules/<repo>
>   $ git rev-parse --git-dir
>   /home/chris/src/<super>/.git/modules/<repo>
>   $ git config core.worktree
>   ../../../<repo>
> Thanks,
> Chris
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