Jeff King <> writes:

> This patch just adds a test to demonstrate the breakage.
> Some possible fixes are:
>   1. Tell everyone that NFD in the git repo is wrong, and
>      they should make a new commit to normalize all their
>      in-repo files to be precomposed.
>      This is probably not the right thing to do, because it
>      still doesn't fix checkouts of old history. And it
>      spreads the problem to people on byte-preserving
>      filesystems (like ext4), because now they have to start
>      precomposing their filenames as they are adde to git.

Hmm, have we taught the "compare precomposed" for codepaths that
compare two trees and a tree and the index, too?  Otherwise, we
would have the same issue with commits in the old history.

Do we have a similar issue for older commit in a history under
"ignore-case" as well?
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