Phil Pennock wrote:
> The bash completion pulled into zsh was being pulled in _as_ zsh, but
> used patterns which relied on falling through as unhandled.  In zsh
> 5.0.3 this no longer works, resulting in:
>     __git_complete_remote_or_refspec:33: bad pattern: +*
> Fix by telling zsh to emulate sh while sourcing the bash config file,
> which stickily preserves compatibility options in the function context.
> This usage of "emulate" came in with zsh 4.3.10, released 2009-06-01.

I'm using 5.9.5 and I don't see any issue. Howe exactly have you
configured this script?

> Signed-off-by: Phil Pennock <>
> ---
> nb: I am not on the git mailing-list, please keep me CC'd.

No need to say that. This is a sane mailing list with doesn't do
reply-to munging[1], so you are Cc'ed by default, in essentially al
MUA's out there.


Felipe Contreras
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