Jeff King <> writes:

> I could not reproduce the problem with a trivial case, and rerere
> specifically tries to handle the differences between "merge" and "diff3"
> styles by throwing away the base content between "|" and "=" lines.
> However, I wonder if it could still miss a match in some cases because
> the "merge" style uses XDL_MERGE_ZEALOUS, whereas diff3 bumps it
> down to XDL_MERGE_EAGER, which could lead to a slightly different
> preimage.
> If so, I think this points to a slightly more pervasive problem in
> "rerere", then: data recorded under one merge level might not be usable
> later (whether for "rerere forget" or for actually applying a
> resolution).
> ...
> So given all of the "hopefully rare" statements above and the complexity
> of the complete solution, it's probably not worth pursuing. In which
> case your patch seems like the best we can do. At least it covers the
> more common case when you have set merge.conflictstyle but _didn't_
> change it since the postimage was recorded.

Thanks for a fix, Felipe, and thanks for a more detailed discussion,
Peff.  I think I saw the exact same symptom in "forget" the other
day, but was too busy to pursue it at that moment.
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