Ilya Bobyr <> writes:

>> The above two illustrate the reason rather well why I said it would
>> be better to avoid negation because it would complicate the mental
>> model the user needs to form when using the feature.
> I think that you do not have to use it if you do not need it.
> It adds some expressiveness, is rather easy to implement and is already
> there :)
> I can remove it, of cause, but is it really necessary?

An extra "expressiveness" that needs explanation and careful
thinking on the part of the user to pick the same world model you
picked among multiple valid world models is not necessarily a good
addition, so none of "you do not have to use it", "it's already
there", "it is easy to implement" is a valid argument.

If it weren't there, I wouldn't have had to wonder what the notation
meant, you wouldn't have had to explain it to me, and the most
importantly, nobody has to learn there is a subtle distinction
between "!7 -11", "!7-11" and "!7- 11".
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