Matthieu Moy <> writes:

> Patches 1/14 are
> Reviewed-by: Matthieu Moy <>
> On a side note, reviewing patches by batches of 14 patches actually
> turns out to be much less convenient for me than reviewing larger
> batches.
> If I'm counting correctly, there should be around 100 patches remaining.
> I'd suggest that the next batch contain them all (probably publishing
> the branch somewhere and posting a merge request here would be better to
> avoid sending 100 mails).

I eyeballed these 28 patches so far (but not this round yet) and
each of the batches did fit my attention span for a series while
looking at other topics also in flight.  Tastes and preferences
differ between us, I guess.

I however can, and am very inclined to, trust your review blindly
and apply further patches on this topic with your Reviewed-by:
without even looking at the patches myself.  If "give us the whole"
is more convenient for you, I am perfectly happy with that approach.

Thanks for reviewing.
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