On 30.04.2014 20:36, Junio C Hamano wrote:

I am not intimate with the msysgit developer community, and I do not
know if it is appropriate for me to respond with a

        Does this look OK with msysgit folks?

This patch has been carried in the msysgit tree since more than 3 years, although strictly speaking it does not affect the msysgit build but only the MSVC build. Stefan is just bringing Karsten's patch upstream with this patch.

So yes, this is fine.

cc'ed to the usual suspects (Erik Faye-Lund, Dscho and J6t).  Just
like I do not have to ask "does this look ok?" question when seeing
a patch from Erik or J6t, is it unnecessary for me to do so for a
patch from you?

I'm putting Marat in CC who has been recently active in building Git with MSVC.

Sebastian Schuberth

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