Patches created with 'diff.noprefix=true' don't 'git apply' without
specifying '-p0'.

I'm not sure this is a bug -- the 'man git-apply' just says "Reads the
supplied diff output (i.e. "a patch") and applies it to files" -- but
I would expect patches I create locally to apply cleanly locally. In
real life the 'diff.noprefix=true' is in my ~/.gitconfig, so this was
pretty confusing.

Here's an old bug that's kind of related:

I'm using Git 1.9.2.


Create a repo with a test commit:

  git init bug.git
  cd bug.git
  git add test
  git commit test -m Test

Revert the test commit in a contrived way (like
'git revert HEAD --no-commit; git reset'). This works:

  git -c diff.noprefix=false show | git -c diff.noprefix=false apply --reverse

And this works:

  git reset --hard
  git -c diff.noprefix=true show | git -c diff.noprefix=true apply -p0 --reverse

But this fails:

  git reset --hard
  git -c diff.noprefix=true show | git -c diff.noprefix=true apply --reverse

    fatal: git diff header lacks filename information when removing 1
leading pathname component (line 12)

Use Case

Partially reverting a commit:



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